fear the robot!

Let’s close off the week with some food for thought.

Today we saw this site http://emblemmatic.org/markmaker/#/ on the It’s nice that weblog. It’s a logo generator and it is smart. When you like a logo it has generated it makes more logos based on your choices.

For us as graphic designer it’s a fun thing to play with.
However it makes you wonder: Is this the beginning of the end? are we designers taken over by the big bad computer? Are we becoming obsolete?

We don’t think so! It’s still all about the choices in design and strategy. You still need the to make the right choices. A computer can generate a logo instantly based on your decisions. But the expertise needed to make the right decision is still in the designers head.

We have to think about our position as a designer. if a robot can do your work maybe you are doing a robots job? That would be something we would not really appreciate to hear. But If you really think about it, it’s something to be happy about. We can focus on the mind blowing creative ideas and don’t have to do any grunt work.

Let the robots take over the world and let us play and create while they do the stupid stuff!