It’s Friday! Today another food for thought Friday.

These past weeks we’ve been asking ourselves what it means to be a designer in our company.
although we’re both educated as graphic designers, we do so much more. We talk a lot with.. well everybody, I mean really a lot! organise, advise, research, write, build, and much more. If we are lucky we get to practice Graphic Design in the traditional sense 15% of the time.

Is this not part of being a company? Well sure it is. But still, we’re getting asked more and more about things were no expert on when we started this thing. Now without really noticing we became experts. We know more about social media than a lot of marketeers. We’ve learned how to manage a crew of over 15 people, We know how to make a big festival feel cozy while most graphic designers just make a nice flyer. We’ve decided that our designs should be able to move if we desire, so we learned. Some people would say every man to his own trade. and keep it that way

Most of the time we agree on that subject. But what is our true trade? Are we graphic designers? We like to think we’ve ascended the term.
We’re designers, true. But we’re designers of solutions, We comunicate, We make atmosphere, We tell stories and need to use everything we can to reach our goals. To make that happen we need to move, motivate, advise or help a lot of people. To do so we need to know what we are talking about. In the end what we do is like chess. To check mate the problem we need to maneuver all the pieces in the right position and make our move!