Our favorites!


We are our clients biggest fans! of course we are… They bring in the money, but there is a little more to it.

We get our electric cables at Snoerboer, we party at Broeikas, we enjoy art at KOP, Juup Luijten gets us into the theatre. This happens with all our favorite clients. Why would that be?

Sometimes people just want something that looks nice. nothing more. They don’t see the point in people getting to know them. They ask us to create something without allowing us any background or feel of the thing we’re selling or promoting.

quite strange, isn’t it?

When we get to work on a project we like to invest a lot in getting to know our clients. How do they work? Who are they really? Who are they competing with? What do they do? Where are they going and why?
Is it absolutely necessary to invest that much in a client?

It’s hard not to love something, enjoy it, brag about it and design something awesome for a person or product you know that well.