we just want to be taken seriously

We’ve been noticing something weird lately.

People find it kinda hard to design something for kids these days.

Especially teens. We’ve been checking some identity for schools and other platforms that want to reach out to those people. They want to influence this group but it only looks like your mom trying to use slang.

We’re wondering when people will get it trough their heads that young people are not necessarily stupid. If they are stupid, I would like to think that you should not rub it in their faces. When older people try to communicate with these youngster they would not like to be talked to by primary school like figures or a talking spraypaint can. Graffity is so urban!

We are truly glad that there are people who do get it. When you take a look at the design of MTV’s website it’s not kiddy at all. It’s designed for young people but it could be for a thirty-something person or a teenager. When I look at the site of kunstbende (a dutch art initiative for teenagers). I see the same thing. It’s a tight design. It speaks to people.

This is were it gets interesting. What do these sites have that makes them better then the others.

it is quite simple. They take us seriously.

Young people are visually at least as experienced or more experienced than older people.

The marketing people tend to forget that. They focus on the people they try to sell it to (old people again) I think it’s inevitable that we eventually lose touch with the younger generation. I just hope I’m smart enough to realize when it happens. If not, I really hope some youngster rubs it in my face.