You gotta move


These past years a lot has changed. On social media everything and everyone is connected. This means new opportunities and ways to connect with your clients. It used to be effective to hand out flyers and paste posters all over the city. Now you need to get a good following on Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

The best way to exploit these social networks is to constantly add new content. Don’t stand still! When you post something you got to get started on your next moment of contact with your audience. Even then it’s not enough, your messages get pushed down on these networks. There are so many posts on social media, you need a way to stand out between all these messages. Of course great content needs to look great but can we do more and how?!

The passed few months we have been experimenting with moving images like animated gifs or simple videos. Its a fun way get the message across and guess what? We’ve noticed an increase of likes and reached people! Sometimes even 400%

Our conclusion?
You gotta move in the world of social media!